Return from the abyss

Hey all!

I know – it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. I’ve been lurking, but my hair has mostly been in the same PS for the past few months so I haven’t really had much to update.

I took out my sew-in in the middle of March and then got a relaxer touch up. I will be 8 weeks post-relaxer this Friday. Whew!

Overall, my hair is okay. My colored ends are still prone to breakage (which is infuriating!). I’m in desperate need of a trim; my ends are so thin!


Look at those ends! 😦

Yeah. They’re pretty bad. Lol. I’m not sure what my summer style will be yet. I’m going to be working in an office setting so I’ll probably just get another retouch/trim. I am dying to get some box braids, but I’m afraid a) they aren’t appropriate for a corporate setting and b) they’ll be too tight and rip out my edges! I don’t know any NYC braiders, and I’m not sure I’m willing to take the risk.

Also, I’m nearly out of my OGX Macadamia Oil shampoo. I’ll probably try something else from OGX. I’ve been eyeing one of their DCs.

My new growth is manageable(ish) but my edges go so quickly that I feel like I need to wash my hair multiple times a week! It’s annoying. I start looking REALLY bad after 2 or 3 days. Sigh.

What’s new with you guys?



Musings about Natural Hair

I stated in an earlier post that I wanted to go natural, which I do at some point, but I need to work some things out first.

The main reason I want to go natural is because I want my hair to be healthy, and my hair was the healthiest (and longest, ~MBL) before I had ever chemically processed it. Oh how I’d love to go back in time and never get that Brazilian blowout in 2010!

Missing my long hair :(

Missing my long hair 😦

However, the only reason I was able to maintain such healthy hair back then was because I never did my own hair. Every Sunday, I had it washed, blow dried, and flat ironed. During the week, I pretty much let it do its own thing.

The only way I could maintain having my hair natural now would be if I were to start getting it done on a weekly basis. During the school year, there’s definitely no way I’d have time to do this. After I graduate, let’s be honest, I’m not going to be rolling in dough right out the gate. A lot of my friends go to Dominican salons in NYC, which are cheap and do a great job. But I also doubt they’d have my hair’s health in mind. See the conundrum?

So I’ve decided for the time being that I’m going to continue relaxing because a) it’s the most economical way for me to do my hair, b) my relaxed hair is growing and healthy and c) I want to try using protective styles and see if I can get my hair back to its old length that way.

Just thinking aloud. I hope you’re all having a great day!

xx Steph

Length Check + Change of Plans

Hey my loves!

So I had planned to get crochet braids as you guys know, but my stylist canceled last minute. 😦 Don’t you hate when that happens?

Since I need some sort of protective style when I go back to Jersey (br), I’ve decided that I’ll be getting another sew in. I had wanted to try crochet braids to see if I preferred them over weaves, but I guess that experiment will have to wait. While I wait for my hair to arrive, I’ll have time to do a deep conditioning treatment which is for the best! I just had my stylist do a protein treatment, so I’m all good there.

Also, I ended up getting a mini relaxer on my edges since I’m going to leave hair out for my sew-in. I know I wanted to go natural, but I’ve been rethinking that (for a few reasons) and I’ll have a post about that soon.

Here’s my current hair length! Ignore my messy desk. lol

Photo on 12-30-14 at 7.34 PM

That’s all for now!

xx Steph

Weave no more!

After nearly 6 weeks, it was time for my sew in to come out.

The process wasn’t nearly as arduous as I expected. After I took down my braids (and had a curly afro-puff style going on that I really dug) I was terrified as I felt that my hair had so many knots! I was afraid that if I got it wet, it’d end up matting. I had a friend who washed her hair just after she took out her braids and it was horrifying. I ended up sectioning my hair into six sections and detangled as best as I could.

Then I cowashed my hair using a product my mom has by As I Am. The product had a lot of slip to it, so I decided to detangle in the shower section by section as I applied the conditioner, which worked really well. After, I applied by Chi keratin mist and Carol’s Daughter leave in conditioner, blow-dried until it was about 60% dry, and applied JBCO.

It’s nice to see my real hair again! Overall, it’s in great shape. No breakage and it’s well moisturized (except for my pesky colored ends).

My hair post-weave after I blowdried it.

My hair post-weave after I blowdried it. Also, ignore how shiny my face is!

I have one issue: Near the top of my head, there’s some evidence of my hair being placed under too much stress from where a braid was too tight. There was no breakage, but my scalp has a bit of discoloration. It’s nothing too serious, but I’m definitely going to baby that area by massaging JBCO every morning. I’m going to switch to a middle part for my crochet braids so that hair will be left out, which is definitely for the best. I’ll be wearing ponytails until I get my braids on the 3rd. I plan on doing some type of natural deep conditioning next week when I wash it, as I left mine back at school.

My first sew-in experience was very positive and I’d do it again. I’m not sure how much my hair has grown as I haven’t straightened my hair yet, but my ends look great.



Update: Going natural?

Hi ladies!

It’s been soo long since I’ve updated. I’ve had my sewin for 5 weeks now, and it comes out next week! I’m excited to see how much my hair has grown/ its general state. I have an appointment to get crochet braids after the New Year as my next protective style. I decided to add a little color, so I’m a little apprehensive but excited!

I’ve been musing over the idea of going natural for awhile now. I’ve had a lot of issues with it culturally, but I think I’m ready for it now! Before I ever did a Brazillian blowout my junior year of high school, my hair was so long and healthy. So I think going natural will be a good way to get my hair healthy again. And plus, my natural hair texture can be straightened easily. I’ve never worn it curly, but maybe now’s the time to try! I’m going to keep my hair in protective styles until my hair grows out – I can’t deal with two separate textures. I just can’t. Lol. While I had wanted to avoid putting any sort of stress on my edges, I think as long as I moisturize and take care of them, they should be fine if I wear a lace closure or something. I’ll update you guys with my crochet braids!

my straightened natural hair in 2009

my straightened natural hair in 2009

I guess my transition journey begins now?



My New Protective Style

So.. it happened!

First let me detail my experience at the Weave Shop. I knew that there was no way I’d actually get out of the shop paying $50 for a weave. Lo and behold, I had to pay an extra $25 because the stylist said there wasn’t enough hair to do the double tracking method. *Shrug* I saw it coming.

Overall, I walked out of the shop feeling VERY ambivalent about my style. Since this is my first sewin, I was afraid that it was too tight. I almost took it out immediately once I got home. There was one problem weft that was scratching my scalp where it was cut, and I was confusing that with it being too tight. I just took out that weft today and oh. my. god. It feels sooo much better!

I really do like my hairstyle. It looks really natural (even if the ends of my leave out are dyed a different color but eh, not a huge deal). Another concern of mine is that I feel like washing my hair will be impossible. So we’ll see how that goes if/when I wash my hair. I’m trying not to go overboard with the oiling either, as there was a lot of product buildup after my protein treatment – I went a little too heavy with the moisture. The hair bundles are also amazing. So soft. The stylist must have commented 3 or 4 times that the hair was such good quality (even after the initial apprehension when I showed them the bundles. I bought them from an Asian vendor. So shoot me).

If all goes well (aka, no baldspots when I take this weave out!), this may be my new protective style of choice. If I ever get a weave again, I’m definitely eyeing something ombre and curly!

What protective style are you currently rockin’? What’s your experience with sew ins?

Steph xx

Wash Day 11/13: Protein & Protective Styling Prep


Good afternoon lovelies!

Yesterday was wash day. I tried my first ever protein treatment. I used the one by ApHogee. Here’s more info about that particular aspect of my wash day:

I washed my hair using OGX’s Macadamia Oil shampoo, towel blotted my hair, then went to apply the treatment. THE SMELL. Dear God. The treatment smells like putrid vinegar. I was also constantly terrified by the “FOR THE PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY”, and kept replaying this horrible scene in which I went to rinse the treatment out of my hair and watched my hair fall out in clumps. As a result, I probably under-applied the treatment. I also did not apply any heat to my hair as the directions suggested, as I just didn’t have the time. Afterwards, I applied ApHogee’s balancing moisturizer, left it on for 2 minutes, and rinsed. My hair felt AMAZING! So soft, and so smooth. I know that protein treatments tend to dry hair out, but that’s not how my hair felt at all. I followed up with my SM DC just in case. My hair has never felt so moisturized!

Once I hopped out of the shower, I applied Carol’s Daughter leave-in, OGX’s coconut milk anti-breakage serum, and JBBCO. Honey, that moisture was SEALED. I let it air dry, then went to bed. Today, my hair is so soft and smooth. I love it!

Also, today is a big day: I’m going to get my sew-in! That is, if all goes according to plan. I’m going to the Weave Shop (“Home of the $50 weave”) and since it’s a walk-in day, I have a feeling I’m going to be waiting for a few hours. I’m mentally preparing myself for some hoodrat ish. Hopefully I’ll have an update for that tomorrow!

Overall, I liked my protein treatment. Next time I do it (which will probably be in about 6 weeks), I’ll definitely saturate my hair more and try to apply some form of heat. What has your experience been with protein treatments? Do you have any tips for me?

Steph xx